Lifelong Learning Center
Our Principles and Values

Our Principles and Values


To be an institution that derives its strength from the established academic unit of Boğaziçi University, contributes to the workforce and prosperity with the national and international cooperation’s, and acts as a leading institution in “lifelong education” field.


  • To provide highly valuable trainings to the individuals, institutions, and society, and to assist the development of the country and the society;
  • To combine the social and institutional needs and conditions in our training in consideration of the necessities of the present and future;
  • To combine theory and practice, and to provide practicable information and skills to our participants;
  • To provide all our special services combined with the academic experience, resources, and qualifications of Boğaziçi University;
  • To conduct a social responsibility project and to contribute to the social development with the cooperation of our shareholders;
  • To popularize lifelong learning principles and activities by actively taking part in both national and international networks;
  • To comply with the ethical principles and rules of Boğaziçi University and to protect its quality and standards in all activities.