Lifelong Learning Center
Message from the Executive Committee

Message from the Executive committee

The importance of lifelong learning is now undeniable, as the value of existing knowledge, skills and competencies diminishes over time, and the need for new knowledge, skills and competencies arises. With the introduction of automation or, more generally, technology into our lives, there are serious alterations in the need for many jobs and professions. For example, some jobs are disappearing, some non-existing jobs are emerging, and some jobs take on new shapes that require a combination of various skills. Most of the children who will start primary school in 2020 will work in jobs that are not defined today. In 2020s, a marketing person may need to code an algorithm. Data analytics, which we see in different names such as data mining, business analytics, machine learning, has already started to count among the leading competencies in many business lines.

At the core of a skilled workforce lies advanced cognitive, socio-behavioural skills, and adaptability. Employment positions defined for white collars in both developed and developing countries today consist of more cognitive and analytical tasks. Indeed, high-level skills such as logic, critical thinking, and complex problem solving and reasoning that can be used in different fields are ranked among the most valued competencies by employers.

The vision of Boğaziçi University is to be a university that shapes the future with its pioneering position in education, training and research. Achievement of this vision is based on equipping the individuals in our country that consists of a young population with the knowledge, skills, and competencies required by the rapid change in the world as well as to train intellectual and creative people. To accomplish this, Boğaziçi University has also been a pioneer in lifelong learning philosophy since 2002 through the “Lifelong Learning Center” (BULLC).

We would like to see you among us in the trainings offered within the scope of BULLC, where the deep-rooted experience and knowledge of Boğaziçi University are shared.