Lifelong Learning Center
Message from the Director of BULLC

Message from the Director of BULLC

BULLC aims to provide lifelong learning services comprising values for the people, institutions, and society, and to combine the necessities of the present with the social needs and conditions for that purpose. In this respect, BULLC’s principle is to provide practicable information and skills to the participants by combining theory with practice, to provide service in the fields of expertise, to comply with the ethical rules of the university, and to protect the quality and standards of the university in all activities.

BULLC has been conducting educational programs for fifteen years under the open trainings and institution-specific titles. These programs can serve people of all ages working in any occupation, and contributing to the qualified workforce in Turkey. In addition, learning, counseling, and test-related services are provided to institutions. Despite the economic and financial crises, BULLC has ensured that the knowledge and experiences of our university, which have continuously increased, were available for a broader population. Approximately 90,000 participants and 700 institutions were served with the “Lifelong Educational Activities” that are now getting even more important.

BULLC has actively taken part in domestic and foreign projects and has conducted many projects within the Corporate Social Responsibility, EU Lifelong Learning Programs and EU Active Employment Program. It has also cooperated with the relevant units of the foreign universities and conducted the “Faculty Development Program” and “Study Abroad Program”. BULLC conducted the program “Doing Business in Turkey” in cooperation with several institutions abroad.

BULLC was accepted as a member of the “European Association in University Lifelong Learning” (EUCEN) and served as the founding member of the Council of Continuing Education Center of Turkish Universities (TÜSEM).

We invite those who would like to introduce themselves and/or their institutions to the information age of 21th century to participate in BULLC’s activities.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Tamer Atabarut
Director of BULLC