Lifelong Learning Center
Message from the Director of BULLC

Message from the Director of BULLC

BULLC aims to serve lifelong learning services that have a big importance for the individual, community, and institutions and to integrate the needs and the conditions of the society and the requirement of the century through these services. In this respect, BULLC’s principles are to provide adaptable knowledge and skills to the participants by combining theory with practice, to offer services in the fields of its expertise, to comply with the ethical rules of the university, and to protect the quality and standards of the Bogazici University in all activities.

Since 2002, BULLC has been conducting educational programs that will contribute to qualified work force of our country and that everybody from different age groups and profession will be able to benefit as open enrolment and custom programs and also offering education consultancy and assessment services to the institutions. Despite the economic and financial crisis, growing constantly, BULLC has enabled the fund of knowledge of our university to reach to large masses and served with lifelong learning activities that gain importance gradually in our days, above 100,000 participants and 800 institutions the of the BULLC.

BULLC has accomplished many projects in the scope of the Corporate Social Responsibility, Erasmus+ Programs, EU Lifelong Learning Programs and EU Active Employment Programs by actively taking part both in national and international projects. By collaborating with the related departments of the universities abroad, BULLC has developed the “Faculty Development” and “Study Abroad” programs. Additionally, BULLC has created “Doing Business in Turkey” program in cooperation with several institutions abroad.

BULLC is approved as a member of the “European Association in University Lifelong Learning” (EUCEN) and assigned as the founding member of the “Council of Continuing Education Centre of Turkish Universities” (TÜSEM).

We invite the ones, who wish to introduce themselves and/or their institutions with the knowledge era of the 21st century, to participate in BULLC’s activities.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Tamer Atabarut
Director of BULLC & UN SDSN Turkey Director