Lifelong Learning Center
EU & ISTKA Funded Projects

Committing to the Social Dimension in Universities (COMMIT) Project
In this project, it is aimed to increase universities interest and participation in social activities as well as developing universities’ lifelong education services.

Comorelp Project
The main goal of COMORELP is to design and run pilot laboratories supporting the development of a lifelong learning (LLL) policy at the regional level.

Contributing to the Growth of Entrepreneurship in the Society Project
The project was aimed to contribute to the growth of entrepreneurship in the region of Beyoğlu, Istanbul by organizing different training programs.

Developing an in-service Training for Inclusive Classroom Practices (DISTINC) Project
In this project, it is aimed to create, develop and spread a new in-service training for teachers that work with students who have learning difficulties.

Enabling VET Teachers & Trainers to better Reach Adult Learners and Improve Learning Outcomes (BOND) Project
The project was aimed to transfer the Pedagogical Training of Trainers Methodology to VET teachers, trainers, training managers who want to acquire those competencies.

Enhancement of Skills in Retail (PERGEL) Project
The project aims to find solutions and design a path for publicity of the retail industry for the employment opportunities and to develop a standard VET program.

Employment Aimed Vocational Training Project
The project was aimed to train 120 unemployed high school graduates with the VET programs on Computer Programming, Public Relations, Business Administration, Marketing and Sales, Medical Equipment Marketing and Travel Agency.

DREAM Project
Ideas that create competitive power with technology and contribute to development of human life are projected, commercialized, supported financially and transformed into economic value. HayalET Incubation Center and İnovita Incubation Center have received 1000 entrepreneurship applications, give 300 entrepreneurs 250- hour entrepreneurship and business development educations and seminars, and provide mentorship to 100 entrepreneurs on strategy, innovation, etc... Currently it is serving to 13 entrepreneurs and graduated 21 entrepreneurs.

Improving Competitive Intelligence Abilities of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (I-CIA of SMEs) Project
To support KOBİ’s and increase their competitiveness in the global market, online platforms and sectoral educations have been developed.

Mobility Coach Project
Education curriculums on coaching, mobility, and intercultural dialogs have been determined and pilot studies have taken place.

NetMe-In Project
This project focuses on young adults who have limited employment opportunities by directing them to suitable professional networks, helping them to create and effectually manage their digital professional id’s, and provide them with significant support of partner companies.

Social Entrepreneurship Program (SoGiP)
The Social Entrepreneurship Program, which is run by the Boğaziçi Graduate Business People Association (BRM) and sponsored by the Istanbul Development Agency, aims to help university students to get involved in social entrepreneurship and to get start in a career area where they can contribute directly to the society by gaining competence in this field.

Training Program for Opening of Amasya to the New Markets
The project was designed to increase the skills of the unemployed participants form Amasya with a training program by considering the basic employment needs of Amasya. The training programs included Foreign Trade, Development of e-Business Environment, Basic English, Business English and Computer Skills.

Theatre Project
It aims to make vocational and technical education attractive and to use theatrical methods in education to reduce early school dropout.

Young Migrant Entrepreneurs (YME)
On the basis of countries, the project aims to prepare and apply need analysis, develop applications and platforms. Afterwards, In Europe and local extent, migrants are aimed to be encouraged to join to market by acquiring entrepreneurship skills.