Lifelong Learning Center
Global Leadership Development Program

The main aim of the program is to bring the potential leaders together in Istanbul from the region where Turkey stands as a leader, basically the Middle East and Central Asia, and also to establish a strong network of leaders within this region by creating a mutual culture of fellowship. It is a highly distinguished program started by Boğaziçi University Lifelong Learning Center as one of the 150th anniversary activities and supported by a strong chain of the alumni.

The program is designed for 10 days on campus as an extended orientation program aimed to introduce the University and Istanbul as well as to increase the participants’ interaction with other fellows and the university. Regular activities of GLDP include professional visits, seminars, panel discussions and dinners with distinguished speakers from the business, government, NGO’s and the media.

The seminars basically include up-to-date issues on leadership competencies such as cross-cultural management, motivation and leadership, communicative skills, global economic trends, social transformations, social media and digital trends, competitive strategy.