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Entrepreneurial Journey

Have you ever thought of becoming an entrepreneur as a migrant / refugee in Europe?

Or did you teach an entrepreneurship lesson? Are you interested in the integration of migrants into society?

Young immigrants / refugees represent a significant pool of potential entrepreneurs. However, they may face certain legal, cultural and linguistic obstacles.

We have implemented the Erasmus + Young Immigrant Entrepreneurs (YME) Project with our European partners in order to overcome these obstacles and support young migrant / refugee entrepreneurs and now we want to share what we have produced.

If you are a young entrepreneur with a dream of starting a business or an instructor teaching entrepreneurship or if you are interested in the integration of migrants into society, join our "Entrepreneurial Journey" online meeting on April 22!

What will you find at the meeting?

Entrepreneurship Panels:

  • Setting up a business as a migrant
  • Entrepreneurship as an inclusion tool
  • Empowerment of young migrants

Presentation of Project Outcomes:

  • Guide Packages
  • Individual Assessment Tools
  • Business plan and Trainer Guides

 Note: The event, which will take place in English, will be broadcast live on our youtube  channel. 

For detailed information and event registration, visit the project website: