Lifelong Learning Center
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects

BULLC takes part in various CSR projects of the companies especially on entrepreneurship, woman empowerment, youth employment and training for SMEs. Those projects are implemented all over the country and abroad.

Agricultural Entrepreneurs School

Since 2013, with the cooperation with Pepsi, farmers have been trained to develop their administrative and agricultural skills. The program has involved 240 farmer participants in Karacabey and Akçadağ.

Beauty Profession Training

The purpose of the project with L’Oreal is to provide women with beauty education in the framework of a certificate program who aged between 18-28 with a high school graduate, unemployed and poverty-stricken women and contribute them to have a job.

Dream School

This consultancy project is conducted with the collaboration of Garanti Emeklilik. The project aims to develop criteria for the physical conditions of preschool which are ideal for child development and education. The project also serves as a basis for the Ministry of National Education to be implemented in preschools. The necessary materials, equipment and school kits will be provided for students of 11 preschool classes in Istanbul, Konya, Mersin, Antalya, Hatay and Bursa.

KEDS Leadership & Technical Academy

Kosova Electricity Distribution Co. (KEDS) has established KEDS Academy with the support of BULLC. The main idea behind this was to deal with the major issue of unemployment of the young population in Kosova. The Academy has provided  a technical curriculum for high school students and leadership curriculum for university students. More than 100 students were involved in the program which has been going on its 2nd year. KEDS Academy has become a social responsibility project acknowledged worldwide and has won 6 Steve Prizes at the 2014 World Communication Awards.

Kuwait’s Engineer Girls (KEG)

Turkey’s Engineer Girls project were expelled as a model example under the name “Kuwait’s Engineer Girls”. Within the scope of the project, 30 girls were given “Creative Engineering Education” specially developed by BÜYEM, contributing to prepare them to the employment market in Kuwait.

LIMAK ASI Airport Services Institute

LIMAK Airport Service Institute is a social responsibility project implemented by BULLC for the unemployment issue of the young population in Kosovo. The project constituted by a “niche’ Program such as operation management of an airport.

PrioNA International Adem Jashari Airam, operated by Limak, is providing training for the last class students in the scope of the airport business established in 2014, and the internship and job opportunities are provided to those who complete the program. The IPRA project won the “IPRA Golden World Awards”, one of the most prestigious communication awards in the world.

Literate Hands

The beneficiaries of the rehabilitation project are primary and secondary school students who work on the streets.

The aim of this project is to increase street-worker children’s academic achievement, help them stay off the streets and persuade their parents that their children should be at school, rather than on the streets. With the collaboration  of Garanti Emeklilik, the project was initiated as a pilot in the first semester of the 2011-2012 academic year at fifteen schools in five districts of Istanbul. The ongoing project which has won the Steve Award, aims to support approximately 1000 working students and their parents.

Managing My Business

The project of “Female Entrepreneurs Management Program- was conducted with the collaboration of Garanti Bankasi A.S. The Project is still on going and it is addressed to female entrepreneurs in almost each province. The training program aimed to support female entrepreneurs to adopt the business development principles as their corporate policy and transform their organizations into sustainable corporations. So far 2000 female entrepreneurs have attended and completed the program and gained the BULLC Certificate of Achievement.

Methodology for Training Teachers of Turkish Sign Language

The aim of the 106-hour course is to train the native signers to teach Turkish Sign Language to non-signers. The course is sponsored by Koç Holding.

Deaf people who are proficient in their native sign Language are natural teachers of their language. Since many of the deaf cannot receive higher education, training them in the methodology of language teaching enables the native signers to become effective teachers of Turkish Sign Language. By training native signers to teach their native language, the course also satisfies the urgent need in our country for proficient teachers of Turkish Sign Language.

In addition to receiving instruction in the structural properties of Turkish Sign Language, the participants are also exposed to the methodology of teaching a sign Language to non-signers as well, as extensive discussion on the rights of the handicapped.

Miracle Motherhood School

In the project run by the corporation of Danone and Nutricia, nurses who had    the proper education, help moms directly or through mobile services in their pregnancy and after birth phases.

My future is Tourism

The aim of this Project is to support the social, economic and cultural development of Turkey’s regions with a capacity for tourism, enhance regional economies and generate tourism strategies that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. The Project, which won a Steve Award, was initiated with flew surveys on the need assessment and implemented between 2007 and 2011 in 22 cities and 5 towns with the collaboration of Anadolu Efes. At the end of the project about 5000 people were trained and 3344 of them were employed as tourism professionals.

My Idea is My Future

The aim of the project is to train and develop female entrepreneurs. Based on developing Turkish-Japanese relations, together with JTKID, BULLC and KOSGEB this project was started in Izmir at the beginning of May 2015. It will continue till the end of 2015 in Gaziantep and Kastamonu with classes of 30 women. Those who receive KOSGEB certificates will also be rewarded with the right to use KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Financial Support. The project will last 3 years.

My Knowledge is my Abundance

Within the scope of the project, Kapsayıcı Büyüme Association with the coorporation of İzmir Commodity Exchange and İzmir Provincial Directorate of Agriculture is organizing series of seminars aimed at informing farmers about financial literacy and good farming practices.

My Sister

In collaboration with Coca Cola, the project is a starting point for women’s personal development journeys. Participants sustain their personal development trainings with the awareness of it’s contribution to their social and business lives. The project had took place in 19 cities.

Open Lectures

Initially the Culture & Art Committee of BU  has  discussed  how  to integrate the university research with the local community. After different focus group discussions, it was decided to organise a series of seminars called BUOL based on diverse themes, and a variety of latest news and important discussion topics from psychology to computer engineering and from physics to linguistics.

BU aimed to improve the effectiveness of the project by collaborating with local district municipalities, where the university campuses are located, by means of both the determination of seminar topics and hosting the seminars in the municipalities’ halls. The project has reached over 10.000 participants eventually.

Our Girls are Studying

GAP-Cheetos have organized training in various topics for successful girls who continued their education in Children’s Development Center to prepare them      to business life. Another feature of this project is, the contribution of PepsiCO’s workers with their own salaries are doubled by Pepsi company.

School for Entrepreneurs in Agriculture

This project offers seminars to improve the administrative skills and technical knowledge of farmers. The Project was started in 2013 with the collaboration of Garanti Bank in Alaşehir, Manisa. Up till now the seminars have been attended by 240 farmers.

Stars of the Future

In order to transform SMEs into sustainable organizations, they have to change their organizational behaviour  and  restructure  their  management,  according to the principles of strategic management. Training was conducted with the collaboration of ABANK in 2010 and 2011 in 8 cities (Eskisehir, Gaziantep, Denizli, Samsun, Trabzon, Kayseri, Bursa, Mersin) to which 1017 people attended.

Stand UP Project

With the "StandUp - Stop Against Street Harassment" Project, which is carried out globally in cooperation with Boğaziçi University Lifelong Education Center and Loreal Turkey, we aim to provide training based on methods to raise awareness and take action against street harassment.

Turkey’s Energy Academy

This project aims to create a solution to the youth unemployment and to create an exemplary industry-university cooperation on the training of the energy sector in terms of production, distribution and marketing needs after privatization. In two years in project scope, 200 students have been reached. Participants in the project have won a certificate with international validity while also benefiting from internship and employment opportunities.

Turkey’s Engineer Girls

The project aims to provide Turkey with equipped engineers from successful girls who study engineering around the country and need support. Girls in the program are supported with internship and mentoring chances to help them have their places in the business world as equipped engineers. 100 girls including 2 migrant girls have been involved in the project.